PPE is not something to skimp on. Though PPE products are used to protect customers and your employees, they can quickly become dangerous if they are of low quality and uncomfortable, therefore it is important to buy quality, lightweight, fully breathable PPE that fits properly!

Why Use Secure Source America PPE?

With all of the PPE manufactures out there you may be asking why should I buy my PPE from Secure Source America? Our products are of the highest quality, affordable, and made right here in the USA. The supply chain for poly propylene raw materials used in making our gloves actually starts from around Houston Texas, and in the case of the random masks made overseas the “pellets” are sent across the ocean where he US materials are taxed by the foreign governments! Producers then make the cloth and masks in unregistered process facilities. We produce out masks in Lemont IL and put our product on the road via local truckers to be reliever to your place of business!

PPE for men and women made in USA

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