PPE Made in America FAQs

Q Why are you named Secure Source?

A secure supply chain of PPE, including masks and gloves, is critically needed here in the United States. Our motto, “Delivering when it matters” is our guiding principle. The COVID-19 pandemic brought to light the need for a safe and secure source for personal protective equipment.

Q How do I know my masks are safe?

Our masks are FDA registered, ASTM Level III certified and tested by two independent laboratories. Hospitals, senior living centers, and the Veterans Administration were all frantically trying to find reliable sources for equipment to save American lives. Countless cases of defective products- masks that gave rashes, masks that smelled like mildew or chemicals. We wanted to create personal protective equipment like masks and gloves here in the Midwest, where clients would have confidence in knowing that their safety was not two months and thousands of miles away.

Q What sizes do your masks come in?

Our masks are made to fit comfortably on any size face. Never be surprised by products that are too small and don’t stay on your face when you talk! Many masks from overseas were too small or came with ear loops that were too short and created blisters behind nurses’ ears. SSA masks are designed for the average working person to cover their face and continue to cover while talking. The ear loops are designed with more elasticity and length to be able to talk while avoiding strain and sores on your ears.

Q What material do you use when making your masks?

The three layers of fabric are 100% made in the USA. We do not order fabric shipped in containers from far away lands that take months to arrive. Same with the ear loop elastic; 100% made in the USA. Where are your masks manufactured? 100% made in the USA! Unlike other masks that are “assembled” in the USA from materials dependent on overseas suppliers, our masks are made from 100% USA-made materials.

Q Can I visit your facility?

YES. Our factory is located in Lemont Illinois, a suburb of Chicago!

Q Can I order your masks in bulk?

Yes! Please click here for more information.

Q What's the minimum order?

Because of shipping costs, the minimum order size is 50 masks.

Q What new products are you going to be making?

Since our goal is to be THE domestic supplier of PPE we are in the process of building two different glove production lines in the coming weeks. Please register here for updates on more USA made PPE gloves! 

Q What colors do you offer?

Currently, old school blue and a sleeker all black often the choice for retail and food service who prefer the safety but not the “look” of healthcare workers. 

Q Can I add my company's logo?

Customization is “coming soon”!  Register here for updates.



Yes, we're open!

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